Articles By: Joe Palian

Disaster Recovery Preparedness: Are you ready?

Posted on 09.03.2015 in Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Preparedness Being prepared to recover data after a disaster should be part of every company’s business continuity plan. However, recent statistics show that is often not the case, and even those who had a disaster recovery plan, it was ineffective. Over half of those who responded to a recent survey indicated that their […]

The Ideal Cloud Architect

Posted on 06.03.2015 in Cloud Computing

The Ideal Cloud Architect A cloud architect is a computer science professional that helps a company strategize the best ways to use cloud computing platforms efficiently and securely. Cloud architects don’t actually construct the cloud computing environment – rather they come into an existing cloud platform to help a company leverage its effectiveness in the best ways […]

How the Cost of Cloud Computing is Calculated

Posted on 05.01.2015 in Cloud Computing, Virtualization

How Do Cloud Providers Decide How Much to Charge? You’ve answered all of your executives’ ‘ questions related to “why use cloud computing.” Now, they’re asking whether it’s more cost-effective to go with an Infrastructure as a Service provider (IaaS) than to build your own cloud computing platform. When you ask an IaaS cloud provider […]

Here’s how one Cleveland company keeps your data on lockdown.

Posted on 03.23.2015 in Data Centers, Big Data

Accessing Expedient Data Center’s newest Cleveland location is a little like entering an exclusive nightclub. Inside an unmarked building, a stalwart doorkeeper buzzes authorized visitors with valid ID through two sets of doors. The premises are constantly monitored with 32 closed-circuit cameras. Such measures are all for the sake of security, which is what the […]

The Perfect Fit in a Cloud Provider

Posted on 09.16.2014 in Cloud Computing

What is the difference between a partner and a vendor, and how do you find the perfect fit in a prospective cloud provider? When it comes to cloud providers, there are two kinds of organizations: partners and vendors. A traditional cloud vendor cloud vendortypically sells resources in pre-determined packages. As a result, unless your resource […]

Selecting a Cloud Hosting Provider: 3 Criteria to Consider

Posted on 11.13.2013 in Cloud Computing

It sounds simple enough: Secure computing environments remain secure because they limit the number of outside sources that are connected to it. For this reason, when cloud computing was first being touted as the next big thing in the evolving technological landscape, a lack of security and application control were raised as primary concerns. However, […]

Calculating The Costs of a Public Cloud Solution

Posted on 08.28.2013 in Cloud Computing

Evaluating the differences between dedicated and variable metering Determining how much your public cloud environment will cost you can be tricky. While it’s true that signing up for a subscription cloud service offers the advantages of scalability, unless you have a clear idea of how much computing demand you need and use, you could wind […]

A Managed-Services Cloud Approach vs. Off the Shelf

Posted on 06.18.2013 in Cloud Computing

Are you buying your cloud services off the shelf? Using any of the dozens of “one-size fits most” public cloud solutions currently on the market can be tempting. Most of them are labeled as easy to understand, relatively straight forward, and often getting the process started is as simple as typing in your credit card. […]

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