Articles By: Erin Masterson

What Are the Differences Between Backups and Disaster Recovery?

Posted on 05.28.2015 in Disaster Recovery, Data Centers, Infrastructure Availability

What Are the Differences Between Backups and Disaster Recovery? Disaster recovery planning is an integral part of any business’s IT strategy, and is becoming more prevalent as security breaches and network outages have become common threats, and the cost of downtime has steadily increased. In the beginning stages of disaster recovery planning, decision makers are […]

Forecasting the Future of the Cloud

Posted on 01.28.2013 in Cloud Computing

Forecasting the Future of the Cloud: Is the Cloud Here to Stay? A few years back, while the cloud was still in its infancy, the idea of storing, accessing, and sharing services and applications through internet connected devices was viewed with suspicion. Anyone new to the cloud (and at the time just about everyone was […]

Cloud Computing: Key Considerations

Posted on 12.31.2012 in Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing: Key Considerations The benefits of a private or hybrid cloud  are certainly intriguing. You receive the full access and capabilities of a private computing environment, just without the expense, hassle or maintenance responsibilities tied to owning a physical infrastructure. This, however, certainly does not mean that you can just choose any available cloud computing […]

Understanding the Cloud: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS

Posted on 12.26.2012 in Cloud Computing

Understanding the Cloud Stack: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS Chances are you have heard the terms Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). While some may use these terms interchangeably when referring to the cloud, the truth is that each service is part of a much larger cloud […]

Public, Private, or Hybrid | Cloud Computing Video

Posted on 11.29.2012 in Cloud Computing

Public, Private or Hybrid: Latest Video Explains the Difference The concept behind cloud computing seems simple enough. In the most basic sense, the cloud allows businesses to increase their computing capacities and capabilities without investing in additional hardware. Things, however, begin to become a little more complicated as you take a deeper dive into the […]

Virtualization and Cloud Computing Trends Help CIOs Expand and Save

Posted on 11.07.2012 in Cloud Computing

How Virtualization and Cloud Computing Trends are Helping CIOs Expand and Save Stabilizing your budget spending does not have to lead to stagnation in terms of developing your IT network and improving data availability efficiencies. And while it may seem like a contradiction in terms, CIOs and IT managers are proving that they can cut […]

Why Are Enterprises Choosing the Private Cloud?

Posted on 10.10.2012 in Cloud Computing

Three Concrete Reasons Why Enterprises are Choosing the Cloud The cloud computing marketplace is growing – and at a pretty impressive rate: While a recent Gartner study indicates that more than one-third of IT organizations have already implemented a private cloud computing solution, it’s important to note that this upsurge in adoption is not relegated […]

Cloud Computing Trends: The Future is Bright

Posted on 09.19.2012 in Cloud Computing

In a relatively short period of time, cloud computing has had a major impact on the technological landscape. Since Information Systems Professor Ramnath Chellappa first coined the phrase back in 1997, the cloud computing industry has taken off, seemingly overnight. Within this first decade and a half since the cloud has gone mainstream, businesses and […]

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