Articles By: Ed Dzurko

A New Take on Cold Aisle Containment

Posted on 10.11.2016 in Data Centers

Thermal Containment System Energy efficiency is an area of concern for organizations concerned with cost control and environmental impact resulting from an expanding carbon footprint due to fossil consumption. No matter the reason, conserving energy is a good thing. Data center operators are no strangers to this area of concern. One way data centers manage […]

The “Where” and “Why” of Choosing a Data Center location

Posted on 09.22.2015 in Virtual Colocation, Data Centers

Data Center Colocation When choosing to build a new data center, there are a multitude of factors that should be considered in the decision-making process. Establishing a fully redundant and secure data center requires a significant capital investment as well as a commitment to ongoing operational expenses for support, and maintenance. However, a key step […]

Setting Your Data Center Migration Strategy

Posted on 08.28.2015 in Server Management, Data Centers

Migration Services Undergoing a migration to a new data center or a colocation provider for the first time is a daunting task. It is time-consuming and takes impeccable planning down to the smallest detail. So how do you go about establishing a strategy that will allow a smooth transition of your hardware and IT environment? […]

Technology Considerations for Data Center Efficiency

Posted on 06.25.2015 in Data Centers, Infrastructure Availability

Data Center Efficiency Going green continues to grow in popularity as many companies and industries look to adopt “green,” eco-friendly policies in the workplace. The data center industry is no different. Colocation providers will need to modernize and become more energy efficient as requirements, and expectations for green facilities continue to grow. Data centers are […]

New Slim-Line 2.0 Cages = Great Space and Cost Savings

Posted on 05.26.2015 in Data Centers

New Slim-Line 2.0 Cages = Great Space and Cost Savings Opting for a secure, private cage in a data center environment demands a lot of space on the data center floor, making it expensive for the customer and taking away valuable floor space that can no longer be used by other customers. Traditional cages don’t […]

Is a Cage Really the Safest Physical Environment for Your Data?

Posted on 05.25.2015 in Disaster Recovery, Data Centers

Those seeking a dedicated cage environment with a hosting provider are sometimes under the false impression that caged floor space is more secure than other physical options. A common perception is that a dedicated cage environment provides an unparalleled level of security as well as the ability to meet auditing requirements; both viewpoints are not […]

Common Reasons to Transition Away From the Internal Data Center, Vol. 7: Change in Leadership or Ownership

Posted on 10.21.2014 in Data Centers

Leadership changes often cause short-term uncertainty within a business. New leaders bring fresh ideas and expect fast results. It’s important for leaders and their teams to focus on core business objectives and avoid the distraction that sometimes go with maintaining a high capacity, highly available IT infrastructure. During a time of executive transition, it is […]

Common Reasons to Transition Away From the Internal Data Center, Vol. 3: New Application

Posted on 10.07.2014 in Data Centers

Developing and managing a new application can be a complex undertaking. Doing so while managing and maintaining an internal data center can also tax an IT organization and may ultimately delay the successful completion of your project. So the question is, can you afford to manage the infrastructure components while giving equal attention to developing […]

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