Articles By: Devon Cole

What Does ‘No Downtime’ Really Mean?

Posted on 04.13.2016 in Server Management, Disaster Recovery

What Does ‘No Downtime’ Really Mean? Everyone knows that downtime is not good for business. But does guaranteeing “no downtime” really mean no downtime? Ideally, yes, but we all know that service interruptions happen! So no downtime in reality means that customers will not pay for downtime and providers will do everything possible to keep […]

Overcoming Small Business Barriers to Big Data Solutions

Posted on 03.22.2016 in Big Data

Overcoming Small Business Barriers to Big Data Solutions In the world of the Internet of Things, Big Data is unavoidable. Big Data simply references having too much data that is also too complex and unstructured for an organization’s current IT infrastructure or compute capacity to accurately analyze or use in order to make sound decisions. […]

White Paper: Exiting the Data Center Business

Posted on 11.18.2014 in Data Centers, Infrastructure Availability

White Paper: Is It Time to Start Thinking About Exiting the Data Center Business? Companies make a choice to either redirect IT management functions to partners, or continue to maintain IT services internally, for a variety of reasons. From allowing staff to focus on what’s important to ensuring proper disaster recovery planning, turning to a […]

Common Reasons to Transition Away From the Internal Data Center, Vol. 6: Recent Outage

Posted on 10.16.2014 in Data Centers

Experiencing a natural disaster or an unplanned outage is a valid reason to look at moving your IT environment to a professional data center provider. In doing so, you will benefit from multiple layers of built-in redundancy for power, cooling and network connections. The burden and stress of ensuring resiliency and uptime shifts from your […]

Common Reasons to Transition Away From the Internal Data Center, Vol. 2: Accelerated Growth

Posted on 10.01.2014 in Data Centers

Are you experiencing increased business growth? When the pace of business is on the rise, IT demands become greater and more complicated. At times, the demands of managing an internal data center in the midst of such growth can inhibit your IT team from focusing on new projects. It is key to maintain a comprehensive […]

Data Center Tips: 4 Ways to Improve Data Availability

Posted on 08.31.2012 in Cloud Computing, Virtual Colocation, Data Centers

Data Center Tips: Four ways to Improve Data Availability In today’s modern business landscape, your customers expect instant answers and immediate turn-around times. And, you cannot let things like remote locations and system interruptions prevent you from delivering. The following four tips offer insights on improving data availability, which will ultimately help you better deliver […]

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