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Disaster Recovery Planning: Geographic Diversity

Posted on 11.10.2014 in Disaster Recovery, Data Centers

What Do You Have to Gain From Geographic Diversity? In the world of data centers, what is geographic diversity, and why is it significant? Geographic diversity is an important disaster recovery term—it describes adequate distance between primary and secondary (or backup) sites. Why is geographic diversity important? Geographic diversity is imperative when it comes to […]

Why Expert,
On-site Staff Matters

Posted on 11.03.2014 in Data Centers, Infrastructure Availability

When utilizing the services of a hosting provider, you’re entrusting your critical systems to a third party. While working with a trustworthy hosting provider brings many benefits, it’s important that your partner can ensure your data will remain secure. Part of security means the ability to depend on expert staff who are on site, 24x7x365. […]

Common Reasons to Transition Away From the Internal Data Center, Vol. 4: Cost Reduction

Posted on 10.10.2014 in Data Centers

The cost of running an internal data center can greatly exceed the cost of utilizing a cloud services provider in many ways. One of the single greatest benefits of cloud technology is cost reduction not only from a capital basis, but also from an operating expense perspective. Making use of the cloud can reduce IT […]

Advantages of a Data Center Provider

Posted on 05.02.2013 in Data Centers

Is it time to explore a data center hosting solution? As your company grows and your computing needs evolve, you may find yourself facing the all too familiar dilemma of build vs. buy: To Build – Build upon or remediate your existing in-house data center, relying on the expertise and resources of your internal IT […]

Locking Down Your Cloud

Posted on 04.18.2013 in Cloud Computing, Virtual Colocation, Data Centers

Learn how to evaluate the security of your cloud computing provider The ability to ensure data security is – of course – a critical part of evaluating any cloud provider. And while most providers will make grand claims about “state-of-the-art security,” many don’t even control the data center in which they are storing your data. […]

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