Articles By: Brent Meadows

Cloud Costs: Estimate Your Monthly Cloud Expenses

Posted on 12.09.2015 in Cloud Computing

What is the price of data? Calculate your business’s monthly cloud costs. A large aspect of planning a cloud deployment is calculating your monthly costs. There are numerous ways to minimize expenses with upfront planning and diligent research. Below are some simple steps to follow. Consider the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your organization’s […]

Five Cloud Questions Every CFO Should Ask

Posted on 05.20.2015 in Cloud Computing

Data Center Cost Considerations Cloud computing is an important part of many business infrastructures, whether it’s a few SaaS applications or a full-blown infrastructure. The company CIO may be pushing cloud initiatives hard, but before you reach the implementation phase, there are several cloud budget questions you need to address. 1. Would a Single Vendor […]

Cloud-based Persistent Storage That Outperforms Top Brands

Posted on 04.16.2015 in Cloud Computing, Virtual Colocation

Cloud-based Persistent Storage That Outperforms Top Brands Each day IT departments deal with both expected and unexpected responsibilities, ranging from typical storage monitoring duties to troubleshooting storage server problems. Eliminating some of these tasks to focus on more business-centric projects would be welcome to most IT engineers and administrators. The cloud makes that possible. For […]

Maximizing vCPU Performance: More Isn’t Always Better | Expedient

Posted on 03.24.2015 in Cloud Computing

Maximizing vCPU Performance: When More Isn’t Automatically Better No matter what you’re purchasing, you want to get the highest return on your dollar. In a recent study, Cloud Spectator evaluated the virtual machines (VMs) being offered by several public cloud providers. The study focused primarily on how well the VMs performed in relation to their […]

Hybrid Cloud: The Strategy of Choice

Posted on 11.24.2014 in Cloud Computing, Virtual Colocation

According to the 2014 State of the Cloud Survey, the majority of enterprises currently employ a multi-cloud strategy, while 48% are in the planning process for hybrid cloud adoption1. While there are benefits to both public and private cloud configurations, creating a hybrid cloud strategy for your business can offer the best of both worlds. […]

Cloud Computing: Why All the Confusion?

Posted on 02.11.2013 in Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing: Do you really understand what it means?   “Cloud computing” is everywhere and it is being used by everyone. From conversations taking place in the world of IT to musings being posted on Facebook, the term “the cloud” has managed to fuse itself into the American lexicon, firmly becoming an accepted part of […]

Cloud Computing Checklist: What to Ask Potential Providers

Posted on 08.27.2012 in Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Checklist: Six Questions to Ask Prospective Providers Searching for a cloud computing solution? The reality is that accomplishing this may be a little trickier then you suspect. As the cloud storage revolution has exploded, a myriad of cloud computing providers have sprung into being, each offering services that vary greatly Finding the cloud […]

Cloud Computing Solution | Expedient Silver Lining

Posted on 08.06.2012 in Cloud Computing

A Sneak Peak at the Future of Cloud Computing: The Expedient Silver Lining Every cloud has a “Silver Lining.” And the Expedient cloud is certainly no exception. While our current cloud computing solutions have always been designed to offer you a cost effective and flexible way to expand and scale your IT resources, Expedient recognizes there […]

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