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Forecasting the Future of the Cloud: Is the Cloud Here to Stay?


A few years back, while the cloud was still in its infancy, the idea of storing, accessing, and sharing services and applications through internet connected devices was viewed with suspicion. Anyone new to the cloud (and at the time just about everyone was new to the cloud) had questions in regards to its security, advantages, and overall sustainability.


Of course, a lot has changed since those early days of cloud computing adoption, as varying hybrid, private and secure public cloud offerings have all but extinguished any doubts users have in regards to security or privacy. And with enterprises and tech companies adopting the cloud at an eye-opening rate, it seems obvious that the cloud is here to stay.

But wait …

Will It Always Be Called the Cloud?

A late 2012 released Gartner report predicts that within five years, IT personnel will stop referring to a cloud based solution as “the cloud.” While it will still be used in marketing and business led initiatives, those who speak “tech” will avoid the term. Instead, more specific terminology will be used to describe the services being deployed.

This is a prediction that is backed up by James Staten of Forrester Research, “We’ll finally stop saying that everything is going ‘cloud,’ and get real about what fits and what doesn’t.”1

But before we take this line of thinking too far, and begin coming up with new names, it is important to note that many of these same predictions were in place last year, and the year before that. And if anything, the term “cloud computing” has gone up in usage over the last twelve months, not down.

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One Thing Is Certain: The Technology Will Be Here

One final point to make clear: no matter what we call it in the future, the concept of the cloud is here to stay, growing, evolving and adapting to your company’s changing needs. And with nine state-of-the art data centers, Expedient is here to act as your guide along the way.

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