Exploring the Advantages of Colocation Solutions

You may have heard that colocation solutions are an ideal way to accommodate your company’s ever-changing IT needs. You may also be skeptical, realizing that colocation is an investment, and uncertain as to whether the investment is worth the risk.

Is colocation right for your business?

To answer whether colocation is right for your company, let’s explore the following scenario:

Businesses often have a separate in-house server room used to house their data. Unfortunately, the inescapable truth is that needs are changing and applications are becoming more complex. What happens next is that the in-house infrastructure is pushed to the limit, leaving the company with two very different options:

  • Expand internally, which may result in the launch of a full-scale in-house data center. This means additional staff, additional power and more equipment, not to mention the added expense associated with maintenance.
  • Explore Colocation, meaning your servers or other storage and network connectivity systems will be housed within a separate data center. This helps you drive down the expenses associated with maintaining, updating and monitoring your IT needs.

The Advantages Of Colocation:

Colocation services increase the flexibility of your infrastructure, the availability of your data and the security of your network  while driving down maintenance costs.

Other benefits of choosing colocation include:

  • Scalability:You pay for what you use, meaning you have access to as little or as much storage space as necessary.
  • Drive Down Cost: Say goodbye to the costs associated with powering, maintaining and managing an in-house server.
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Management: With the right data center, your most critical systems will benefit from around-the-clock maintenance and monitoring.
  • Data Security: Feel secure knowing that your data is protected and safe within the walls of a continually monitored data center.


Interested in learning more about the advantages of colocation? Download Expedient’s Virtual Colocation Data Sheet for detailed information.

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