Case Study: IT Infrastructure Solutions With Expedient

Kristin Puzon

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When it comes to online retail, rapid spikes in traffic happen, sometimes resulting in degraded website performance.


This was the problem Thirty-One Gifts was experiencing when they approached Expedient with the need to optimize their IT infrastructure. They needed to be able to support increasing levels of activity without impacting their website.


Expedient partnered with Thirty-One Gifts to establish a cost-effective infrastructure solution that provides the required I/OPs, flexibility, uptime and support.


Read Thirty-One Gifts’ story to find out more about their experience.


What were their results? Thirty-One Gifts chose to migrate off of their existing infrastructure and onto the Expedient platform over a two-month period. The migration project was completed on time and to the overwhelming satisfaction of the team at Thirty-One Gifts. The environment has been running with an uptime of 100% on the Expedient platform for more than a year.

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