Monthly News For March, 2016

Overcoming Small Business Barriers to Big Data Solutions

Posted on 03.22.2016 in Big Data

Overcoming Small Business Barriers to Big Data Solutions In the world of the Internet of Things, Big Data is unavoidable. Big Data simply references having too much data that is also too complex and unstructured for an organization’s current IT infrastructure or compute capacity to accurately analyze or use in order to make sound decisions. […]

Why You Need to Back Up Your Office 365 Exchange

Posted on 03.14.2016 in Big Data, Infrastructure Availability, SaaS

SaaS Data Protection Microsoft Office 365 continues to grow in popularity, especially among small to medium-sized businesses. However, the importance of backing up their Exchange environment outside of the Microsoft cloud is seemingly overlooked. A secondary environment of Exchange is not necessarily a priority for organizations in part because of the high level of redundancy […]

Combat the Slow ROI of Green Data Centers

Posted on 03.09.2016 in Data Centers

Green Data Center According to a recent TechTarget whitepaper, “Color Me Green: Money and Power in the Data Center,” it can take at least three years for a midsize or larger green data center to realize a return on its efficiency investment. Despite this lengthy timeframe, a data center can make small, yet technologically innovative […]

How to Reduce your Risk of a Data Breach

Posted on 03.03.2016 in Cloud Computing

Dedicated Firewall Firewalls act as a secure gateway between a trusted network and other untrusted networks – such as the Internet – and only allows traffic into the network that is approved through the defined firewall policy. Firewalls protect your network and your data. Enhancing your firewall through added security features offers your network even […]

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