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HIPAA Compliance

When you need to build solutions that need to adhere to the HIPAA regulations and standards, Expedient can provide these for you with our HIPAA compliance services.

Expedient has helped a wide variety of customers build HIPAA compliance solutions that must adhere to HIPAA regulations and standards. Expedient has a long proud history providing secure hosting, management, connectivity and backup solutions for companies in the healthcare industry.


  • We help each customer adhere to security standards, technical and physical safeguards to cover HIPAA regulations and standards
  • Protection from fines and organizational risks
  • Expert knowledge of helping multiple health care companies become HIPAA compliant


  • Knowledge of medical solutions
  • Knowledge of HIPAA standards and regulations
  • With Expedient's 8 geographic locations, we can help secure data in remote locations

Supported Client Types for HIPAA Compliance

  • Hospitals Services
  • Pharmaceutical Services/FDA requirement

Expedient offers managed services including HIPAA compliance, remote backups, virtualization, equipment management, storage area networks and more. With Expedient's HIPAA compliance services, companies can trust that confidential information is safe according to HIPAA standards and regulations. For more information about Expedient's HIPAA compliance services, contact us.