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Managed Hosting Services: Hierarchical Storage Management

Pay for only the storage you need with Expedients managed storage solutions

Hierarchical network storage offers customers the ability to pay for storage according to needs. Expedient offers hierarchical storage management for everything from inexpensive NAS and slower SAN disk speeds for basic file storage to fiber channel 15K speed disk for IO intensive and mission critical applications.

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Expedient offers a wide variety of hierarchical data storage needs depending on customer's data access and read write needs. Offers include everything from slower disk for non-disk intensive files and storage up to fiber channel EMC SAN 15k speed disk for higher performance needs. Expedient works with the industry leading storage vendors and customers to craft a cost effective hierarchical storage management solution.

Hierarchical Network Storage Benefits

  • Architect with the customer an efficient disk storage strategy
  • Capital SAN investment reduced
  • Utilize Expedient's trained SAN engineers
  • Provide the physical and software management

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Expedient offers managed services including remote backups, hierarchical storage management, virtualization, equipment management, storage area networks and more. With Expedient's hierarchical storage management, companies have the ability to pay for storage tailored specifically to their needs, and nothing more than that. Hierarchical storage from Expedient is inexpensive, reliable and keeps your information safe and accessible. For more information about Expedient's hierarchical storage management services, contact us.