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Expedient specializes in providing managed data services and improving the availability of your data.


Business Continuity Provider: Disaster Recovery Services

Ensure the availability of your mission critical data with Expedient’s disaster recovery services

As a leading data service provider, Expedient has one of the strongest Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity offerings in the industry. With a network of nine strategically located data centers and an always available staff of data center technicians, Expedients offers the expertise and guidance to engineer disaster recovery and business continuity services to fit your organization’s unique needs.

Advantages of Expedient's Business Continuity Management Services Include:

  • Disaster recovery plans based on your unique needs.
  • Testing and maintenance conducted by experienced data technicians  
  • Replication across production platforms and data
  • Geographic diversity (Nine data centers across Six cities)

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Business Continuity Services: Be Prepared

An organization without good data storage solutions and business continuity management services can be vulnerable to operational disruptions caused by everything from nature, technology failure, infrastructure deficiencies and human activities. Many companies experience productivity and monetary loses due to the shutdown of core business activities by these types of unplanned disruptions.

The continued operations and business continuity of an organization depend on management's awareness of the potential for disturbances in core services and their ability to develop a plan that minimizes the disruption of critical functions. Disruptions of hours or even minutes and sometimes seconds can be devastating depending on the services in question.

Customer loyalty is fleeting; and the value of a lost moment can be significant, especially for service companies that have enforceable service level agreements. Organizations need business continuity services to keep their customers happy and coming back day after day.

Benefits of Expedientís Disaster Recovery Services

Expedient's data storage solutions offer a 10 GB fiber ring that provides customers the ability to replicate data at intervals across Expedient’s network of nine strategically located data centers:

  • Leverage Extensive Technology Expertise

    • Planning based upon an organization's unique needs
    • Design focused on specifics of the plan
    • Procurement of the design requirements
    • Testing of the plan
    • Deployment in production
  • Enable Operational Efficiencies

    • Replicate production platform and data
    • Test changes before implementing in production



With nine data centers in six cities, Expedient is strategically positioned to offer the geographical diversity necessary to ensure your mission critical data remains safe, secure, and always available.

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Expedient provides managed services including colocation, remote backups, virtualization, equipment management, storage area networks, business continuity services and more. Our disaster recovery and business continuity services ensure that you continue to serve your customers to the highest of your ability, even in the case of an emergency. Our high quality business continuity services enable your company to use the extensive technology and expertise of our team and improve operational efficiencies. Contact us to find out how our business continuity and disaster recovery services can benefit and improve the operation of your organization.