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Wide Area Network (WAN) Connectivity

Wide area networks connect to the network equipment you already own. WAN networks are computer networks that cover a large area. Wide area networks connect LANs and other types of networks so that users in one location can communicate with users in other locations.

Expedient WAN Networks Connectivity

Expedient’s Ten Gigabit Ethernet backbone seamlessly links LANs across town or across the country into wide area networks, integrating your business locations or your extranet around a vLAN at speeds of up to a blazing one billion bits of data per second. All from a simple, on-site Ethernet handoff.

Because Expedient’s IP-over-fiber network is optimized for data, Expedient WAN networks’ connectivity can save you up to 50% or more compared to traditional Telco-delivered services. And, with Expedient, unlike other providers, you purchase only the bandwidth you need for your wide area networks-scalable in one-megabit increments up to a full 10Gbps. There’s no wasted capacity and no unnecessary expense with Expedient's WAN networks.

Advantages of Wide Area Networks

  • Dramatically reduce costs; up to 50% less than traditional Telco-delivered service
  • Get all the the wide area network speed you need - up to 10Gbps
  • Connects WAN networks to the equipment you already own
  • Purchase only the bandwidth you require - scalable in smooth 1 Mbps increments
  • Installation of WAN networks in days instead of weeks
  • Upgrade your bandwidth in one business day
  • Seamless and reliable - all-Ethernet network eliminates unnecessary conversions
  • Fully redundant with full duplex connectivity
  • 100% availability guaranteed
  • 24/7 wide area networks technical support