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Expedient specializes in providing managed data services and improving the availability of your data.


Virtual Colocation


Our Virtual Colocation solutions offer your company a dedicated virtual environment.  With a subscription model, perfect for use as either a primary or secondary site, you can subscribe to the resources you need today with the flexibility to increase as your company grows.

Virtual Instance


Through virtualization, you can increase the capabilities of your systems to meet the demands of your business without spending a fortune. But virtualizing can introduce new challenges if your company does not have internal experts on deploying and maintaining virtual environments suitable for production data.

Virtual on Demand


Through Virtual on Demand, you have the freedom and flexibility to quickly scale your computing environment with the deployment of additional software. This Virtual On Demand solution can be put into action literally with the push of a button.


Managed Virtualization

Improve network efficiency, performance and reduce costs with virtual hosting, colocation and more

Are geographical and physical efficiencies holding your company's IT network hostage?

Virtualization solutions with the Expedient team of experts enable your organization to lower IT costs while increasing network efficiencies and business agility. With virtualization through Expedient, one computer can now do the job of multiple computers, and your servers and desktops are accessible from remote locations.

Because our virtualization solutions are backed by a leading team of data center engineers, you receive the peace of mind that comes with knowing your servers and critical company data will always remain secure, safe and backed up. Our experienced and certified engineers and support staff provide around-the-clock support for each of our virtualization solutions.

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