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Expedient specializes in providing managed data services and improving the availability of your data.


Virtual Managed Solutions

Reduce costs and improve security and performance with managed virtual server and colocation solutions


Cloud Computing Services

Expedient's cloud computing services help increase capacity and capability without having to invest in new infrastructure. Because start-up costs are minimal and you don't have to worry about hardware replacement, our cloud computing services offer a quick and affordable way to provision your server connections and storage capabilities. Download our cloud computing PDF to learn more about cloud computing services and solutions.


Managed Virtual Instance

Expedient's Virtual Instances allow companies to take advantage of the benefits of a virtualized server environment without the need to have an internal staff that are experts on VMware. Explore full product details on Managed Virtual Instance


Virtual Colocation

For companies that already have experience using VMware to deploy virtual instances Expedient can allocate a section of the virtual server farm in which you have control over VMware's Virtual Center to manage your virtual instances as needed. By deploying in this manner it eliminates almost all capital costs to deploy new servers and leaves the physical server responsibilities to the infrastructure experts. Explore full product details on Virtual Colocation


Virtual On Demand

Expedient's Virtual On Demand product gives users the ability to adjust the computing resources (memory and processing capacity) within their Virtual Colocation environment as needed. Virtual On Demand can be put into action literally with the push of a button, all done by you the customer from inside the Expedient Support Management Console. Learn more about Virtual On Demand.


Expedient offers managed services including colocation, remote backups, virtualization, equipment management, storage area networks, virtual colocation and more. Our superior virtual colocation services can help your company save money by not having to buy multiple new servers to store your information. To learn more about our server virtualization and virtual colocation services, get in touch with an Expedient representative today.