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Do you need access to a storage area network or help managing your current environment? Trust Expedient's storage area network management services to help you.


Managed Hosting: Storage Area Network Management

Avoid capital investments and improve disk space with managed SAN services

There are many instances where a company could benefit from having their data stored in a storage area network environment to increase the overall availability, but the economics don't make sense to buy their own storage area network.  By utilizing Expedient's storage area network management service, you can purchase disk space as you need it without a large upfront investment. Storage area network management allows companies to function in a financially responsible "pay as you grow" model as compared to a "build it and they will come" concept.

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Why Managed SAN?

The average SAN investments for companies range anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000 in first year expenses for software and hardware alone. Expedient has invested heavily in disk infrastructure to be able to provide customers with a variety of speed and redundancy options at reasonable costs. Depending on customer needs, Expedient can provide customers with the full array of disk speeds. Expedient also provides customers with options for multiple disk stripping methods to ensure redundancy in the backend disk arrays. Customers can rest assured that qualified SAN engineers are providing support and maintenance, and ensuring customer data security. Customers can leverage Expedient's multiple levels of speed and connection types for storage area network management services.


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Features of Storage Area Network Management

  • Easy procurement of more space
  • Customer data segmentation
  • Variety of connect types (iSCSI, Fiber)
  • Variety of disk speeds offered, depending on customer requirements
  • Pay as you grow infrastructure without the capital investment

Benefits of Storage Area Network Management

  • No SAN experience needed on staff for the customer
  • Customer does not need to hold SAN maintenance and support agreements

Advantages of Storage Area Network Management

  • 24x7x365 management
  • Utilize Expedient trained SAN resources
  • Benefit from Expedients enterprise relationships with Dell and EMC
  • Service to manage customer SANs.

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Supported Client Types

  • Supported Dell NAS and SAN products and software
  • Supported EMC SAN products and software

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Expedient offers managed services including storage area network management. Our storage area network management service allows you to purchase disk space as needed without investing a lot of money upfront. With a variety of speed and redundancy options, Expedient ensures that your storage area networks are made available and remain safe, all at a reasonable cost. Learn more about our storage area network management service by downloading our data sheet today.