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Managed Server Solutions: Network and Server Load Balancing

Distribute traffic evenly and improve performance with server load balancing solutions

Shared network load balancing gives customers the ability to split network traffic between servers (typically web servers). Network and server load balancing allows for applications to use redundant servers to provide against single points of failure and distribute traffic evenly. Distributing traffic evenly through the use of server and network load balancing can increase reliability, provides high availability and scalability.

Why choose Expedient for server load balancing?

  • 24/7/365 service and technical support
  • Evenly split network traffic
  • Shared load balancer engineered for N+1redundancy

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Features of Server Load Balancing

  • SSL Acceleration is offered to preserve processing power from the web servers with SSL traffic
  • Expedient offers dedicated and managed network and server load balancing options
  • Flexibility with implementation options from the round robin to active passive configurations

Benefits of Server Load Balancing

  • Provide redundancy for servers
  • Evenly split network traffic to manage load
  • Shared Load Balancer architectured for N+1redundancy

Advantages of Server Load Balancing

  • Using Expedient's network load balancing platform, customers will benefit from hardware redundancy
  • Expedient's shared platform saves large capital expenditures

Supported Client Types

  • All web servers are supported

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