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Need network firewalls solutions to protect you from viruses, spam and other attacks? Get a quote today for our managed network security services.


Managed Security Services: Network Firewalls

Keep your data safe with Expedient’s managed network services

Expedient offers shared and dedicated network security solutions to protect your network from spam, viruses and attacks. The network firewall service is one of our managed network security solutions, in which security-trained engineers leave the customer with a peace of mind. Expedient's network security solutions help keep your network safe from any threats so that you can continue your daily routine without interruption.

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Features of Managed Network Security Solutions

  • Your network will be protected
  • Anti Virus provides automatic enforcement on network users
  • Ability to DMZ or VLan traffic according to customer needs
  • Application Firewall services available


Benefits of Managed Network Security Solutions

  • Real Time reporting
  • Protects network elements at the point of entry
  • Centralized protection for all networked computers
  • Shared firewall service provides hardware redundancy
  • Architectured to provide a wide range of solutions from PCI Compliance to port blocking
  • Expedient shared firewall service is architectured for N+1 redundancy


Advantages of Expedient Network Firewall Solutions

  • 24x7x365 Service, Supporting and Monitoring
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Centralized Protection for All Networked Computers


Expedient provides managed services including remote backups, virtualization, equipment management, storage area networks, network security solutions and more. You can trust Expedient to provide excellent managed network firewall security to ensure that your servers are safe from attacks, spam and viruses. Our network security solutions provide real time reporting, centralized protection for all networked computers and more. Find out what Expedient managed network security can do for your company by getting in touch with us today.