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Simplify your networking needs with Ethernet Anywhere from Expedient. Contact us today to learn more about this service.


Ethernet Anywhere

Whether you are a large enterprise, or a small company, Ethernet Anywhere can help you simplify your organization's networking needs. Ethernet networks provide an array of bandwidth options and connectivity choices, allowing you to select the solution that best serves your business.

Scalable Ethernet Solution

Ethernet Anywhere takes established Ethernet technology and extends it beyond the LAN environment into a WAN. Our bandwidth selections begin at 3Mbps of service to Ethernet networks and continue all the way to 40Mbps with tiered options in between. Since we use a standard Ethernet (10/100M) handoff between our network and your facility, expanding your Ethernet networks’ existing solutions can be done quickly and easily in increments of 2Mbps. Compare this to Telco circuits that require you to buy connectivity at archaic levels of 1.544Mbps or 45Mbps. The telephone companies' rigid Ethernet networks technology forces you to buy over-capacity in order to meet your needs. Ethernet Anywhere can be custom-tailored for your specific needs with provisioning time half that of a similar T1 connection.

Flexibility of Service

Ethernet Anywhere is a true Layer 2 solution that supports VLANs allowing one circuit to support both internet service and point-to-point connections. This allows businesses to segment their Ethernet networks’ physical connection for specialized uses like VoIP and video conferencing, separate and secure from email and file-sharing. VLANs are not possible using a single telephone connection. This same customer would need a separate circuit to carry each unique channel of voice, video and data at a higher cost and less total capacity than Ethernet Anywhere.

Cost Savings

The ubiquitous acceptance of Ethernet networks in the LAN environment has made the equipment mass-produced and inexpensive to deploy. Unlike standard telephone-based services that require customers to purchase expensive routers or switches to convert their Ethernet LAN traffic to a TDM WAN protocol, Ethernet Anywhere allows customers to connect to Expedient's Ethernet networks using their existing equipment. By leveraging the standard that IT managers know and trust, you no longer need a large technical support staff to realize the benefits of a broadband WAN connection.


Unlike experimental and proprietary connections, Ethernet Anywhere is a proven technology deployed in LANs throughout the world based on a standard protocol approved by the IEEE and has been in continuous existence since 1983.

Ethernet Anywhere takes advantage of multi-paired delivery from our network to your facility. By providing redundancy to your location, we greatly reduce the likelihood of service interruption. Expedient makes a guarantee that if your service goes down, you get paid.

Expedient offers managed services including remote backups, virtualization, equipment management, storage area networks and more. Expedient's Ethernet Anywhere offer a scalable Ethernet networks solution in which you can choose the bandwidth and connectivity options appropriate for your company's Ethernet networks needs. Our high quality "pay as you go" services simplify your network's needs without compromising the level service you receive. For more information about Ethernet Anywhere, contact Expedient today.