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Expedient specializes in providing managed data services and improving the availability of your data.


Business Internet Access Services

At Expedient, we understand that you need reliable business internet access in order to keep your company running efficiently and productively. We provide a variety of business internet access services that fit your organizations needs no matter how big or small you are. Whether you are looking for very high speed connections that can handle a lot of information being passed around or you need to be able to connect to the networking equipment you already own, Expedient has the business internet access services to help you. Learn more about how we can provide business internet access solutions for you by contacting us.


Ethernet Anywhere

Whether you are a large enterprise, or a small company, Ethernet Anywhere can help you simplify your organization's networking needs. Ethernet provides an array of bandwidth options and connectivity choices, allowing you to select the solution that best serves your business.

Wide Area Network (WAN) Connectivity

Connects to the network equipment you already own. Expedient’s Ten Gigabit Ethernet backbone seamlessly links LANs across town or across the country, integrating your business locations or your extranet around a vLAN at speeds of up to a blazing one billion bits of data per second. All from a simple, on-site Ethernet handoff.

Gigabit Internet Access

Expedient brings you the Internet to you at fiber-optic speeds. Plug your LAN cable into Expedient’s innovative all-Ethernet network and you’re up and running at speeds of up to one billion bits of data per second. That’s over 2,500 times faster than DSL; 600 times faster than a T1.