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Cloud Computing Services: Software as a Service (SaaS)

Secure your mission critical data and applications with SaaS Cloud Computing Services from Expedient

Intrigued by the prospect of cloud computing, but concerned about security? Expedient's private dedicated virtual environments are engineered for our customers who want the benefits of the cloud but need their data physically separate from everyone else:

Why choose our SaaS cloud computing solutions?

  • Elasticity: Are the demands on your IT system always changing? The Expedient cloud can be scaled to match
  • Control: You have total control over your data, meaning increased security
  • Decreased Overhead: Reduce overhead by managing x86 servers and related resources as a unit
  • Low capacity: Reduce computing capacity by giving higher-priority tasks more power during peak periods


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What is SaaS Cloud Computing?

Software as a service (SaaS) and cloud computing are two terms often used interchangeably, but at Expedient, we know that there’s a difference. Cloud Computing is the broad concept of having a public robust shared computing environment that is accessible through the internet where users can purchase just the computing resources needed to support an application without the need to buy the entire platform. The cloud provides flexible computing power which is ideal to run SaaS applications, thus, software as a service programs run on top of the cloud computing infrastructure. The cloud itself can be better described as an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or a Platform as a Service (PaaS).

The major difference between software as a service and cloud computing is that one is at the application layer and the other is at the infrastructure layer. When a user subscribes to SaaS, they are subscribing to a specific service or application. With cloud computing, users are subscribing to the computing environment, which has the advantage of it can be used for many applications and is scalable on-demand. This means that any software as a service application can be run in a cloud computing environment.

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How it Works

Using a SaaS within a cloud computing environment works in the same way as SaaS outside of the cloud does, but has additional benefits. When SaaS applications are running outside of a cloud computing environment, the user is limited by the physical servers where the application resides. If they need to expand capacity they need to provision additional physical resources. For some organizations, this might work just fine for them, but nowadays, many want to be able to scale their applications according to their immediate needs and not wait until their budget allows them to add that next server.

As your company seeks to find new ways to manage and store your applications, Expedient’s dedicated cloud is here to help. Our cloud computing services offer you the accessibility and flexibility you need in blocks of computing resources. At Expedient, we provide the cloud foundation so that you can focus on your application. To learn more about our cloud computing services, contact us today.

SaaS Cloud Computing Services by Location

Expedient's cloud computing services can give your company the flexibility to run IT applications in the cloud but still have control over your data. Expedient's cloud services allow companies to have more control over their data and its location than they would if they partnered with other third party cloud services vendors.

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