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Expedient specializes in providing managed data services and improving the availability of your data.


Public Cloud Computing


  • Simple Set-Up: All hardware, applications and bandwidth are managed by the provider.
  • Continous Availabilty: Public cloud services are available wherever you are located.
  • Scalability: Pay only for the applications and data storage you need.

Private Cloud Computing


  • Elasticity: Private clouds can scale to meet demand increases in IT systems.
  • Control: Private clouds give organizations control over their data ensuring its security.
  • Preparation: Private clouds can help companies prepare for the future of cloud computing services.

Hybrid Cloud Computing


  • Cloud Ready: Migrated your platform, hardware, and other infustructure overtime as your system expires.
  • Security Promise: All systems are hosted in a secure environment.
  • Connectivity: Secure LAN speed for connecting virtual and physical environment.

Choosing the Cloud Computing Service that is Right for You

Increase efficiencies and reduce costs with cloud hosting solutions

Nowadays, everywhere you turn people are talking about cloud computing, but what is it? There are many myths about such services, but cloud computing is essentially a set of computing resources and services. Depending on the user's requirements, they may choose either public, private or hybrid cloud computing. Regardless of which option is chosen, all provide simple, scalable access to computing resources.

Advantages of Expedient's Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing services allow you to overcome the limitations imposed by your physical hardware – regardless of whether those limitations include fixed resources, large investments in IT infrastructure, or tedious data replication.

Expedient’s cloud computing services allow users to avoid those limitations, offering advantages that include:

  • Quick, affordable provisioning of servers
  • Already built in power, cooling, racking, stacking and cabling
  • Qualified and experienced professionals to provide network, hardware, VMware, Windows and Linux service
  • Redundancy, monitoring, help desk services, and more

Partnering with Expedient is the best decision you can make for your server provisioning. To learn about how our cloud computing services can benefit your organization, contact us today!

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High-performing, scalable, and more secure clouds have Intel® Cloud Technology at their foundation.3,5 Intel® Cloud Technology is designed to help power and protect your business in the cloud, with capabilities that make a difference in how well your workloads run and your data is safeguarded.

What's Developing in Our Expedient Lab:

A Sneak Peak at the Future of Cloud Computing: The Expedient Silver Lining

While our current cloud computing solutions have always been designed to offer you a cost effective and flexible way to expand and scale your IT resources, Expedient recognizes there is always room for advancement.For this reason, the cloud computing engineers here in our technology labs have been diligently working to expand our cloud solutions. Learn more from our blog.


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Optimized Performance. Hardened Security. Intel® Cloud Technology.


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