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Expedient specializes in providing managed data services and improving the availability of your data.


Managed Data Services: Managed Hosting and Data Center Services

Expedient offers managed services and data center services to help your company keep its information safe, secure and easy to access. Expedient offers a variety of managed services and data center services to fit your company's needs.

Our long list of managed data center services includes:

With nine data centers and thousands of customers nationwide, Expedient’s data center services provide facilities that can be the foundation to your IT solution.

Managed Virtual Instance
Expedient's Virtual Instances allow companies to take advantage of the benefits of a virtualized server environment without the need to have an internal staff that are experts on VMware.

Cloud Computing
Expedient's cloud computing services help increase capacity and capability without having to invest in new infrastructure. Because start-up costs are minimal and you don't have to worry about hardware replacement, our cloud computing services offer a quick and affordable way to provision your server connections and storage capabilities.

Virtual Colocation
For companies that already have experience using VMware to deploy virtual instances, Expedient can allocate a section of the virtual server farm with VMware's Virtual Center to enable customers to create virtual servers as needed. By deploying in this manner it eliminates almost all capital costs to deploy new servers and leaves the physical server responsibilities to the infrastructure experts.

Virtual On-Demand
Virtual On Demand product gives users the ability to adjust the computing resources (memory and processing capacity) within their Virtual Colocation environment as needed. Virtual On Demand can be put into action literally with the push of a button, all done by you the customer from inside the Expedient Support Management Console.

Managed Servers
Let Expedient provide the OS management, patching, monitoring and server break/fix which make up a large percentage of day activities associated with server management. These managed data center services free up time for companies' internal staff and allow them to focus on their specific applications.

Managed Backups
Expedient works closely with customers through their data access and retention needs. Expedient offers data center services which include tape backup, data deduplication, disk backup, off-siting and data retention solutions. Our goal is to protect mission critical data safely, securely, and cost-effectively.

Managed SAN
There are many instances where a company could benefit from having their data stored in a SAN environment to increase the overall availability, but the economics don't make sense to buy their own SAN. By utilizing Expedient's SAN managed data center services, you can purchase disk space as you need it without a large upfront investment. This allows companies to function in a financially responsible "pay as you grow" model, compared to a "build it and they will come" concept.

Load Balancing
To help increase the overall availability of your application, Expedient's managed data center services can give you the ability to split traffic between servers or even data centers. This will prevent possible downtime caused by hardware failure and will help provide your customers with an optimal experience.

Premium Monitoring
Expedient has multiple 24x7x365 manned OSC's monitoring your equipment making sure that it's always available.

Expedient offers a wide range of managed data center services for Firewall solutions, from a basic shared Firewall to a completely PCI-DSS certified solution.

Managed Exchange Email
Managed Exchange Email gives you the opportunity to concentrate on your business while we ensure that your Microsoft Exchange system is operating smoothly.

Network Access

Gigabit Internet Access
Expedient blends multiple Tier1 networks pulled from separate geographic regions to create the most reliable Internet Access options for their customers.

Ethernet Anywhere
Ethernet Anywhere provides a wide range of bandwidth and connectivity options, all delivered with Ethernet technology. By using an Ethernet last mile your business can increase bandwidth and greatly simplify your network while remaining almost cost neutral.

Wide Area Networks
Expedient's backbone seamlessly links LANs across town or across the country, integrating your business locations or your extranet around a vLAN at speeds of up to 10Gbps.

Expedient offers managed services including remote backups, virtualization, equipment management, storage area networks and more. Our managed data services ensure that your data is protected, secure and accessible at all times- even in the event of an emergency. Expedient's high quality managed data services are available around the clock so that you can continue to run your business efficiently without worrying about the security of your data. Find out what our managed data services can do for your company by contacting us today.