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Expedient specializes in providing managed data services and improving the availability of your data.


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Expedient will provide an excellent IT infrastructure outsource experience, and, a clear economic and strategic value, by providing solutions comprised of managed services, co-location and enterprise access products to “local enterprise” business customers. Our offerings will be differentiated by highly reliable (and interconnected) facilities, relevant products and technically competent customer service.


Expedient will be the leading IT infrastructure outsource provider in its markets. Building on its differentiators, Expedient will be the local thought leader, trusted advisor and leading provider of market-tested comprehensive solutions.

Company Values

Expedient endorses and has fully adopted the excellent and long held core values of its owner, Landmark Media Enterprises. These include, among others, ethical conduct, innovation and customer focus. Great values are an essential part of any organization but especially one that partners with customers to meet critical needs. Expedient is committed to operate with integrity and transparency. We tell the truth and we do so promptly and fully. We celebrate our customer’s successes. Our values demonstrate who we are, how we live out our mission, and how we'll achieve our vision.

Community Involvement

Expedient is committed to being a responsible and contributing member in each of its local communities. As a technology service provider, we have the unique opportunity to help promote the advancement of technologies by serving local businesses and thereby aiding in local economic growth.

A Plan For Ongoing Success through Service and Capital

Expedient is a service-oriented technology company with a clear understanding of its role in the economic partnering equation. The executive leadership team has had consistent success in the industry over many years by truly serving corporate customers. Our approach is straightforward. New technologies (driven by customer demand) are tested and proven and then rolled out into all markets. Likewise, the timing of Data Center expansions are success (customer demand) driven. Expedient enjoys strong support from its private owner/capital sponsor; our debt-free balance sheet affords us great flexibility to respond quickly to new opportunities to serve customers. Expedient values its relationships with its customers, vendors, partners and employees and understands that each of these relationships is an integral part of its ongoing success. As a service provider, we know that partnership in IT outsourcing requires capital, relevant products that really help customers achieve their business goals, great employees who care and consistent execution.

Fast Facts
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Executive Team
Expedient is headed by a team of veterans whose backgrounds come from both the Data Center and Connectivity industries.

Career Opportunities
Expedient is always looking for the right people to add to our team. Take a look to see what positions are currently available.

Agent Program
Expedient offers a broad Agent program that will allow Partners to offer their clients the full suite of Expedients products.

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